Ok...New Year's Resolutions #1 priority...more Blogging. Ha Ha...yeah right. That's actually not one of my goals but something I plan on doing more of. Mostly to see if it helps me keep my sanity. But for are my 6 goals:

#1. Pray more - I've really been slacking in this area and don't feel as close to my Father in Heaven as I should. After all, Who is the one that blesses me with all that I have? The least I could do is chat Him up more.

#2. Read my scriptures - I'm embarrassed to admit at failing at that too but all I have to say is that for some reason playing solitaire on my phone for 15 minutes before closing my eyes always seems more fun. I do love, though, how already the little reading I'm doing is changing my perspective for the better.

#3. Go to the temple each month - So get this... I live, literally, blocks away from the temple. I could take a 15 minute walk, hop on Trax and get there. I have no excuse.

#4. Finally submit my children's book to someone - I've had this thing written for years and each year I think I'll do it. This year, I will. I'm setting some small goals along the way to get me there and a due date. Wish me luck!

#5. Loose 10 pounds - Say what you want...but remember I'm not going to tell you what weight you should be. I've put on a lot of weight in the last year from just laziness and haven't been this heavy since college when I was eating cake mix for dinner. I can safely loose 10 pounds and still be healthy.

#6. Go back to school - It's my time. I've always thought I had to put school off to try to build this family and make everything work. Well, the family isn't really growing as planned and if I'm going to work I might as well be doing what I want to do. So what do I want to do? Marriage Counseling. It's a lot of schooling but I'm actually excited about it.

That's it folks. I figure the simpler the goals the more likely I'll complete them. Now I just need to write them down on something other than this blog and plaster them on the fridge. It's going to happen....I can feel it. I'll keep you updated each month.


Katey said...

First off, I'm glad you put your blog link on FB cause I like blog reading.

Secondly, I don't often comment, almost never but you are now in my reader so I will keep up on your life as you post and I might even comment here and there but I can't make any real promises!

Third, I have a blog - katey-k dot blogspot dot com but I haven't posted in forever. I have plans to say something soon though.

Lastly, I like this post. I didn't really make new years goals this year but I like yours lots. Especially that last "go back to school" one. I have to say, it has been hard for me to be back in school but it's awesome and worth every minute. I don't love doing homework or writing papers but I am reading so much and learning tons. Best part is that I'm interested in all of it. Also, the fact that you want to do marriage counseling is even more awesome cause that's what I'm in school doing. It's so great and you can totally do it too! I want to hear more about your plans and what you need to do to get there.

Hope you are doing well! :)

D and C said...

I love your goals. I love you. YOu can do it.

D and C said...

I love your goals. I love you. YOu can do it.

The Mom of these adorable kids said...

I remember eating cake mix or at least a the whole made cake, what was wrong with that, they were very yummy.

School is a great challenge, and you can do it even when the family does start growing. If you want to practice you can borrow some of my kids.

Susan said...

I love you...I believe in you!

Dannie Graves said...

Best of luck with your goals Janet. Good luck with the schooling too. It's hard work, but well worth it. We love and miss you guys!