First Day of Training

So I was planning to do a triathalon this summer but it didn't work out because I moved in the middle of everything! So I'm gonna go ahead and start training for next year. Today was day one. I walked up the road a bit and found a mile track that I can use to train on. I ran, maybe, 1/4 of a mile and not all at once...but I did walk the full 3 miles. I think it was a good start considering I've eaten more than my share of fast food the last month since we don't have our own place yet. Yuck! I feel so GROSS! But I've decided to start my training and log it for all to see. It won't happen every day because I don't want to die but I will probably walk again tomorrow. I'm hoping to run the 1/4 mile straight with no stops. I know...I know...I'm so ambitious. Once day at a time, right? Well, so that does it for day one. Hopefully, the pictures will get better and I'll look better and less dead. Ta TA!



I guess I should get around to updating this...I'm now a Utard. We moved to Salt Lake about 2 weeks ago and are working out living arrangements. I go for an interview in 15 minutes with Hollister Co. to earn some income while I build my No Go Errand Services biz. We are also looking at a house to buy which may come as a surprise but a lot of prayers have gone into this and we wouldn't do anything we didn't feel was right. I will post some pictures of it and our new car once I get around to it. Well, wish me good luck with my interview.