Bison Huntin'

We went a bison huntin' and found a very tall piece of grass....possibly world's tallest.

We found a large metal ball. Not a buffalo...looked like it from a distance.

See...doesn't that look like a bison?

Ryu found that getting loose and running in the water is fun!

Stephen found that the tall piece of grass makes a really good whip. Should be good to use on the bison.

Found a good photo opp.

Discovered that eating worms with your eyes closed tastes better. ( I don't know why I closed my eyes)

We learned that surprised looks look better on film than practiced smiles!

Found that it's easy to forget to change the color filter on the camera. And Levi looks really cool in blue.

We found an ewok..."jub, jub"

Beautiful wild flowers.

Both humans and dogs like to look out the window.

Found an antelope trying to hide....but no bison yet.

And after lots and lots of driving and searching we found them...miles away and ready for the picking. Not quite as exciting as we had hoped.

However, all that patience paid off and leaving the island we found one lone bison soaking up the sun. He even got up for us so we could get some better pics.

Pretty fun bison huntin'!


All done!
(These are all backwards)

Gotta get that energy back up.

There were over 18,000 participants! Awesome!

Getting warmed up in the sun.

Creative people stick together

So I would have to say that most of my friends are creative...and much more creative than me. So many of them have shops and sell things. I am just really good at recreating someone else's good idea. That's why I do Mary Kay or draw pictures of other pictures, or steal design ideas from magazines. Anywhoo....I just wanted to put a shout out for my friend Sarah, the most entrepreneurial woman I've ever known. Growing up she was always coming up with new great ideas and inventions. She's always been artistic, drawing horses on everything she owned and even came up with a way to earn enough money to buy her own horse...and she did. Now, she's got this great dinnerware set for people with great taste or that are looking to loose weight. I've added her link to my blog so you can go check it out! The designs are adorable and stylish. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to get some myself. Check it out and help an independent business owner! Thanks guys!