Largest Pizza Ever & Spring

The title of this blog says enough. We had some friends over for dinner and ordered a Large pizza....I had no idea it would cover my stove top nor be unable to hold it in my lap in the car.

You call this spring??? This is what I woke up to yesterday and today.....not cool Old Man Winter....not cool at all! I think I moved to the wrong state!

What am I, five?

Yesterday at church I bit down wrong. I have a baby tooth that never fell out with no adult tooth to push it out. It's been semi-loose for about 5 years until yesterday.

It was very loose and I was totally uncomfortable all day, barely chewing my food. I made an appointment with a dentist on Thursday to discuss my options. Finally, this evening I just gave it a little tug and out it came. I've had nightmares of this for years and the day is finally here. And now I'm just a little more white trash than I was before. Oh well!


I have some of the most vivid and crazy dreams of anyone I know. At one point I started writing them down because they might be entertaining to read. So I will be including them here. I've blogged the first one I ever wrote down, and will try to keep a steady flow of my craziness.


I love making up names or just naming things like strangers, cars, puppies, pets, computers, phones, blankets. Here are some examples:
My computer's name is Sam. My blanket's name is Oobie. The wheelchair is Wheelie. Our car is now Jazz and the svu is The Wonder. Ryu's nickname is Little Blue and Jabberjaw Grouchypants. Ume's nickname is Princess Ewok or Sweetheart. And Levi's also Mo and Peaches.

So anyway, as part of a writing excercise I decided to come up with a name for every letter of the alphabet that would be a good character name. Here they are:
Alasia (like Asia w/ an L), Bracks, Caster, Dean, Eli-o, Fiona, Garren, Henry Ray, Iza, Jaedis, Kael, Lizzy Lei, Minnie Mae, Niles, Octavius, Pearl, Quin, Reegan, Shilo, Teal, Ursala, Valen, Waylen, Xiavier, Yule, and Zed.

Names are great and sometimes I'd even like to try on a new one. I just don't know what I would call myself other than Roxy. What would you like to change your name to?


7 Things Making Me Happy

I saw this on a cousin's blog and thought what a good thing to focus on...Here goes...

1*Pandora Radio playing my Missy Higgins station, really relaxing.
2*My puppies cuddled up on the bed, so comforting.
3*my full belly...yummy food...I really like to eat.
4*the sunlight, even though it's fading, I'm enjoying the time change.
5*my mostly clean house, feels good to have it tidy.
6*the ice cream waiting for me in the freezer. Did I mention I like to eat?
7*My husband on the couch. I'm loving having him home with me more now that he's got a different job.

I really am blessed. Thank you Father for my blessings!


Prettiest Eyes


I think eyes are my favorite feature of people. I've always liked eyes and it's the first thing I notice. So here are my family's eyes. Who has the prettiest eyes? Let put it to a vote.

Ume 1

Ume 2

Levi 1

Levi 2

Janet 1

Janet 2

Disclaimer* None of these pics are very good...poor lighting...moving subject...just keep that in mind.

So Cold, Oh So Cold

Tired of being cold? I am. I'm sitting here on my bed with my feet tucked under the blankets and a warm laptop on my lap top and yet I'm still shivering. Do I bother to put on a sweater or pull up the covers? No. It's just much more fun to complain about the snow that keeps poking it's ugly head. My dogs are smarter than me. Ume wears her sweater all day, every day and Ryu at least had the sense to climb under the covers. And here I still sit. Levi's taking a hot shower in the hot bathroom. And I still sit.....Well, I guess I'll go put a sweater on.