Our State Fair is a great state fair, don't miss it don't even be late!

Look out for that Bear!

Lots of art work there.

Itty Bitty goats.

That like the taste of camera wrist strap.

The culprit.

Petting the itty bitty goats.


Hungry goats....

Smiling goats!

Here's how you power wash a cow.

Pretty Jersey cow.

Cowkid boots.

These cows are no taller than my waist.

Ku Klux Sheep.

Kissy, kissy.

Snuggle, snuggle.

Blue ribbon for the cutest pig at the fair.


This guy was huge!

So, so cute!

The alligator show...this guy almost died....

Some hungry piglets below...


Don't know if you can see it, but Ryu has hives all over his body. We don't know what he got into but he woke up with these...nothing a little Benadryl couldn't fix.

And here are some photos I took while practicing my "photo eye".


I guess it's that time again...

Here we are again...letting life keep us busy...but perhaps an update.

Kiersten and I are starting a photography business....just one day at a time so I thought I'd post some of Val & Phil's engagement pics that I just love. If you know of anyone that would love to be practice subjects...let me know.

Other news....Levi and I have officially started the adoption process... Most of you already know this but just in case I missed someone...
Lots of changes ahead of us I think...but good ones.

We just celebrated 7 years together. Didn't know if we'd make it but we've weathered the storms and are ready to weather more together. I'm so grateful for my husband and his kind heart. I used to think the lack of playful fighting between us meant he just wasn't that into me...until I realized that he has no desire in any part of his being to hurt me in any way, even if it was playful fighting. Levi has the sweetest heart of anyone I know. I love him so much!

Levi started taking a math class. He needs a full year of college calculus to be able to teach high school math which is what he wants to do. I'm so proud of him for making it happen and glad to see the joy he takes in heading down his career path. A little late starting but who cares as long as you get there, right?!

Well, that's all for now. Ta Ta!


I Heart Virginia

Nikki & Bobo

Say Cheese

Nikki & her favorite Auntie

Beautiful eyes

The beautiful Louie

Well we know where the good looks started.

Brett Brat

Little Bear and Duke

Catching tadpoles is a messy business

Benjamin, Bobo, & Ereck all getting up there.

Beautiful Urfy & Bobo

Our favorite Thibodeau's, Brian, Oliver, & Ashley.

Riding Bikes.

The old bridge you drive through at Watson's Mill.

You slide down the rocks...a built in slip in slide. The boys working their way back up.

Tre & Zachary

Little Levi

Doesn't get more "white" than that!