Day Three point five

Hey Darian, do you want to come to the park with us today? You and Levi could play some soccer while I work my three miles.
Sure. That sounds good. I just gotta finish my homework and ask my mom.
Levi, you ready to go?
Yeah, is Darian ready?
As soon as he's done with his homework.
(twenty minutes later)
All right, I'm gonna go on the trail and see you guys when I'm done with my three miles.
(In my mind)
Nothing...nothing...nothing. (then it comes time to run). Okay, I just gotta get around this thing twice to make a half mile straight. I can do this. I just need to imagine crossing the finish line at the end of everything. I've just finished biking 14 miles and swam before that. My heart rate is up, my legs and back are tired and I'm in the home stretch. Just 1/2 mile left. Levi and the dogs are waiting for me at the end. Some of my family is there waiting for me to finish. They will be so excited to see me cross the finish line. Now I've just got a little more to go. We'll have watermelon and maybe go out to the lake later today after a big long nap of course. My body will be so tired. Just 1/4 left now. I can do this...I can do this....(singing) "I need thee every hour..." I can see the finish and there's my family. I'm so excited. Just pick up the pace a bit. Almost there. Getting closer, "I need thee, Oh, I need thee, every hour I need thee..." There it is! This is it! Here we go.....! Yeah, I finished a half mile straight! I can so do three miles some day.
(Another twenty minutes later)
You guys about ready to go home? I've just got to go down the hill and around and I'm done with my three miles and bugs eating me.
Yeah, just maybe five more minutes.
Okay, I'll just finish my three and come back up to meet you.
(finally at home)
I'm so sweaty!
Do we need to put the trash out?
Yeah..just on the curb.
Levi, can you take a picture of me stretching for my balog?
Sure. Don't make that face! Let's try that again. Okay, one more time.
Do I look like a dork? Darian what are you laughing at?
No! Don't take a picture of me. Wait! Let me see. Are you going to put that on your blog?
Yep! You're gonna be on my balog! Thanks guys!

Day Three


Day Two here's to day two, which actually occurred two days ago and I wanted to take a picture but the batteries died before I could do it. So instead I posted my living space for the past month and a half so you can see why I would want to walk. I can't wait until we get into our own place! So I did run a half mile just not all in at once. But did the full 3 miles in under an hour. It was much easier this time and hopefully will only get easier. Last month was Grendma's funeral which you can read on all my sister's blogs. It was a nice funeral and even fun. I think Grendma would have wanted it that way.

We even got to get out with the cousin's and ride a little! We all had a lot of fun learning to push our limits on the quads.

Levi really worked on pushing his limits too!

Then we rocked it out with rock band!

Then back in Utah Levi rocked it out with his aunt, uncle and cousin Darian. It was Darian's birthday and Lerraine and Stan and Darian were kind enough to play for us.
Stan showed Levi how to play his bass which he hasn't played for years. It's a lot of fun to have so much musical talent in one family.

That's life for now!