Love Bites

Here's my new movie/cartoon!

My Christmas Present

Levi painted this daisy for me for Christmas....It's the flower that never dies.

And with that said...I thought I would showcase some more of Levi's talent. I really like his style, it really suits him and he's very talented! Enjoy!

(I can never seem to get the whole adding the pictures in the right order thing...sorry)


Christmas Post!

here's my Christmas post! It's been a crazy month but someone has asked to see my tree so here it is along with my gingerbread house, icicle and the first snow of the year.



We carved pumpkins. This is Levi's ghost...and on the other side....

a spooky tree!

I attempted to carve Levi... not too shabby.

Going's on.....

So here are some our going's on here in our little, simple life.

Kaija, Britton, Benson, and Johannes

The first night of owning a new chew toy

Levi and Daniel (his brother)

Me and Lacy (my sister-in-law)

And finally the puppies chew toy after a few days of owning it. Poor barbie lost her head in the madness. It's hard enough to be a cripple with no hands and one foot!

I totally forgot to add the pics of the here they are. Nothing specatular but big enough and comfy. That's our new bed from Ikea. I think it's our first piece of brand new furniture. We've been waiting a long time to buy it and we're very pleased with it. The second room is acting as a storage place right now until we change the locks on the shed. Hopefully we'll get to turn it into a nursery within the next year. We're hopeful!

The New House

So here are pics of the new house. What do you think? I know it's a little small and windowless. Just cracking! That's the back yard and shed.
Here's a view of the back of the house.

Our totally awesome, retro stackable washer/dryer that actually works pretty well. There is not cold rinse and we have to tape the dryer knob to keep it on...but hey, it gets the job done.

The toilet in it's own cubby.

I'm absolutely in love with the tile in the bathroom.

It's a pretty long room and possibly my favorite in the house.

Our $20 pink sofa from D.I. until we can afford our dream sofa from Ikea.

The kitchen area has new appliances and they're exactly what I've always wanted.

View from the back wall.

View from the front wall.

And the glorious front! That's our little home sweet home. I've always wanted to live in a place with a name like "The Cove" or "Pemberton". So if anyone has any suggestions from viewing our home please leave a comment and we'll name a winner.

Thanks for visiting!


Day Three point five

Hey Darian, do you want to come to the park with us today? You and Levi could play some soccer while I work my three miles.
Sure. That sounds good. I just gotta finish my homework and ask my mom.
Levi, you ready to go?
Yeah, is Darian ready?
As soon as he's done with his homework.
(twenty minutes later)
All right, I'm gonna go on the trail and see you guys when I'm done with my three miles.
(In my mind)
Nothing...nothing...nothing. (then it comes time to run). Okay, I just gotta get around this thing twice to make a half mile straight. I can do this. I just need to imagine crossing the finish line at the end of everything. I've just finished biking 14 miles and swam before that. My heart rate is up, my legs and back are tired and I'm in the home stretch. Just 1/2 mile left. Levi and the dogs are waiting for me at the end. Some of my family is there waiting for me to finish. They will be so excited to see me cross the finish line. Now I've just got a little more to go. We'll have watermelon and maybe go out to the lake later today after a big long nap of course. My body will be so tired. Just 1/4 left now. I can do this...I can do this....(singing) "I need thee every hour..." I can see the finish and there's my family. I'm so excited. Just pick up the pace a bit. Almost there. Getting closer, "I need thee, Oh, I need thee, every hour I need thee..." There it is! This is it! Here we go.....! Yeah, I finished a half mile straight! I can so do three miles some day.
(Another twenty minutes later)
You guys about ready to go home? I've just got to go down the hill and around and I'm done with my three miles and bugs eating me.
Yeah, just maybe five more minutes.
Okay, I'll just finish my three and come back up to meet you.
(finally at home)
I'm so sweaty!
Do we need to put the trash out?
Yeah..just on the curb.
Levi, can you take a picture of me stretching for my balog?
Sure. Don't make that face! Let's try that again. Okay, one more time.
Do I look like a dork? Darian what are you laughing at?
No! Don't take a picture of me. Wait! Let me see. Are you going to put that on your blog?
Yep! You're gonna be on my balog! Thanks guys!

Day Three


Day Two here's to day two, which actually occurred two days ago and I wanted to take a picture but the batteries died before I could do it. So instead I posted my living space for the past month and a half so you can see why I would want to walk. I can't wait until we get into our own place! So I did run a half mile just not all in at once. But did the full 3 miles in under an hour. It was much easier this time and hopefully will only get easier. Last month was Grendma's funeral which you can read on all my sister's blogs. It was a nice funeral and even fun. I think Grendma would have wanted it that way.

We even got to get out with the cousin's and ride a little! We all had a lot of fun learning to push our limits on the quads.

Levi really worked on pushing his limits too!

Then we rocked it out with rock band!

Then back in Utah Levi rocked it out with his aunt, uncle and cousin Darian. It was Darian's birthday and Lerraine and Stan and Darian were kind enough to play for us.
Stan showed Levi how to play his bass which he hasn't played for years. It's a lot of fun to have so much musical talent in one family.

That's life for now!


First Day of Training

So I was planning to do a triathalon this summer but it didn't work out because I moved in the middle of everything! So I'm gonna go ahead and start training for next year. Today was day one. I walked up the road a bit and found a mile track that I can use to train on. I ran, maybe, 1/4 of a mile and not all at once...but I did walk the full 3 miles. I think it was a good start considering I've eaten more than my share of fast food the last month since we don't have our own place yet. Yuck! I feel so GROSS! But I've decided to start my training and log it for all to see. It won't happen every day because I don't want to die but I will probably walk again tomorrow. I'm hoping to run the 1/4 mile straight with no stops. I know...I know...I'm so ambitious. Once day at a time, right? Well, so that does it for day one. Hopefully, the pictures will get better and I'll look better and less dead. Ta TA!



I guess I should get around to updating this...I'm now a Utard. We moved to Salt Lake about 2 weeks ago and are working out living arrangements. I go for an interview in 15 minutes with Hollister Co. to earn some income while I build my No Go Errand Services biz. We are also looking at a house to buy which may come as a surprise but a lot of prayers have gone into this and we wouldn't do anything we didn't feel was right. I will post some pictures of it and our new car once I get around to it. Well, wish me good luck with my interview.



So I've started a writing blog. Check it out . My first story is not that good but just read it and let me know what you think.



The Good Life!

I decided the other day to stop wasting so much time on the computer, watching TV or doing puzzles. There is so much more I could do. So...I went and did some things I haven't done in a long time. I played in the mud puddles when it rained. I pulled weeds with Mom and tried to help Dad build a frame for the new front steps. I also took some pictures with my little digital of the beautiful day we had.
A flower in the backyard.

Bricks with a blue filter.

Over exposed bowl of rocks.

Daisies by a wicker tricycle.

Still life of the daisies I picked.

Beautiful Poppies...

Beautiful bees to make us honey!

A black Iris.

I'm so grateful for the creations the Lord gave us to show us He loves us!