I know it's way past Halloween but I told my mom I would post my costume from my work party. I was Tragedy Ann and let me just tell you, it was tragic! But I won most original costume and got a gift card to blockbuster which we used right away to buy 4 movies. We are movie fiends! That's what happens when you only get three stations.


8 things I am crazy about:

1. Levi

2. My Puppies

3. Other people's puppies

4. Cookie Dough

5. Family and Friends

6. Home Decor

7. Music & Singing

8. My primary kids

8 things I want to do before I die:

1. Have Kids

2. Be Migraine Free

3. Publish My Book and More

4. Own Several Successful Businesses

5. Break a Million $$$$$

6. Travel to Levi's Mission

7. Serve a Couple's Mission

8. Help Do Some Major Charity Work

8 things I say often:

1. I'm So Excited For Our Cruise!

2. I'll Show You...(Fill in the blank with whatever the topic is)

3. Ryu Sit! Ryu Enough! Ryu Off!

4. You Betcha!

5. I Can't Wait for the Holidays!

6. I Itch (I've been having Hives)

7. Hey Levi, Come Look at (insert Pet's name).

8.Everything will work out all right.

8 things I have read lately:(not the biggest reader lately!)

1. Scriptures

2. The Magic of Thinking Big

3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

4. Harry Potter

5. My Homework for Class

6. The Back of the Shampoo Bottle while using the restroom just now.

7.A Sugar Cookie Recipe


8 songs I could listen to over and over:

1. Fiona Apple - the whole Tidal Album

2. Christmas Songs

3. Say Goodnight - Little Children Jump

4. Ben Harper

5. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie

6. The new Colbie Colait album(or however you spell her name)

7. Corrine Bailey Ray


8 things that attract me to my best friends:

1. Honest with me.

2. Like the same things I do.

3. Inspire me to be more creative.

4. Bring out the best in me.

5. Like to play games.

6. Have a strong testimony or conviction of their beliefs.

7. Like to talk as well as listen.

8. Can quote movies and The Office with.

8 things I have learned this year:

1. I actually do like change.

2. I'm more successful than I realized.

3. I really, really love my husband and how amazing it is to love someone that strongly.

4. I really can sing and should develop that.

5. I love kids of all ages.

6. Anything is possible.

7. The power of the brain is greater than I realized.

8. The sun really ages people faster.

4 people who should do crazy 8's: