To Be Continued

So I think my children's story is complete. Well, maybe I should mull over it some more but I am beginning the publishing research. It kind of scares me. I'm really pursuing something. I know I do a lot of talking of what I plan to do but that's all it ever turns out to be. Not this year, though. I am going to follow through on my dreams. Yes, I will be a published author yet. And I have determined not to pursue a career in writing but to continue it as a hobby. I'm not a fan of feeling pressure to do things I just enjoy I would not like deadlines and what not. I've also determined not to pursue music either. I am passionate about music but I feel my more natural talents lie in the visual just what fashion of art...I've yet to determine that. I guess you could say..."to be continued........"


Feeling Blog!

(This picture has nothing to do with being blog but posts are so much more interesting with pictures!)

I'm feeling Blog. Nothing to write about. Same ol', same ol'. It's still winter, I'm still broke. My hands are dry and there's still work to do. I've just been feeling a little lazy and I think it makes me feel bad. I always want to be doing something good but what's to be done? Maybe I could write a song, crochet a rug, put away laundry, call a friend, write a book, pluck my eyebrows. And yet I sit and sit and sit. Wasting time. It's what I do best!