Greener Pastures

So, I've been disgruntled with life as of late. Things go good for awhile then bad stuff happens and i find myself constantly thinking, "It will get better when...." But I'm realizing there is not going to be any "when". There's not supposed to be. I'm supposed to be happy now. About every two years I start to get antsy and want to plan our next step in life, hoping that if we take that next step I'll finally be content with life. Newsflash...that's not going to happen and here's why: I am not every going to be satisfied with my life until I learn to be happy with what I've got. And so here's my list of what I've got:

a loving husband,
two adorable doggies,
a good job- where I'm liked,
decent health,
a testimony and faith,
the cutest house ever,
fantastic friends who let me know I'm loved,
an outstanding ward family,
my own wonderful family which includes all my in-laws,
many talents to keep me entertained,
and the list goes on and on.

The point is I have a lot to love about my life. Now the goal just needs to be to love those things.