We carved pumpkins. This is Levi's ghost...and on the other side....

a spooky tree!

I attempted to carve Levi... not too shabby.

Going's on.....

So here are some our going's on here in our little, simple life.

Kaija, Britton, Benson, and Johannes

The first night of owning a new chew toy

Levi and Daniel (his brother)

Me and Lacy (my sister-in-law)

And finally the puppies chew toy after a few days of owning it. Poor barbie lost her head in the madness. It's hard enough to be a cripple with no hands and one foot!

I totally forgot to add the pics of the here they are. Nothing specatular but big enough and comfy. That's our new bed from Ikea. I think it's our first piece of brand new furniture. We've been waiting a long time to buy it and we're very pleased with it. The second room is acting as a storage place right now until we change the locks on the shed. Hopefully we'll get to turn it into a nursery within the next year. We're hopeful!

The New House

So here are pics of the new house. What do you think? I know it's a little small and windowless. Just cracking! That's the back yard and shed.
Here's a view of the back of the house.

Our totally awesome, retro stackable washer/dryer that actually works pretty well. There is not cold rinse and we have to tape the dryer knob to keep it on...but hey, it gets the job done.

The toilet in it's own cubby.

I'm absolutely in love with the tile in the bathroom.

It's a pretty long room and possibly my favorite in the house.

Our $20 pink sofa from D.I. until we can afford our dream sofa from Ikea.

The kitchen area has new appliances and they're exactly what I've always wanted.

View from the back wall.

View from the front wall.

And the glorious front! That's our little home sweet home. I've always wanted to live in a place with a name like "The Cove" or "Pemberton". So if anyone has any suggestions from viewing our home please leave a comment and we'll name a winner.

Thanks for visiting!