Just Do It....

I'm just here to preach...or maybe, just share. I had the opportunity to hear an emeritus member of the seventy speak to a family home evening group for single adults. It was a great talk and the best thing I took away from it was.....ready for this....

"If you want more money, double your fast offering."

Guess what! It works. I tell you it does. Levi and I have doubled our fast offerings the last two months and here is a list of the results:

1. Levi got a full week of 12 hour days with overtime.
2. We were blessed to be able to back out of $1800 in debt.
3. I got a temporary promotion and raise.
4. They're offering overtime at my work.
5. We're easily sticking to a budget that works for us.
6. I was told about an employee discount that will save us 20% on our phone bill.
7. Mary Kay orders keep coming in even though I've slacked at my business.
8. We're miraculously catching up on our bills.
9. Levi's aunt offered to pay me to help her with her shoe parties.
10. and many more blessings to come.

Now, understand, I'm not rich yet and probably never will be, but when we give and do as we're commanded the Lord is obligated to bless us. Not to mention the wonderful blessings that fast offerings have blessed us with in the past, like counseling and food in our fridge. God knew what he was doing when he inspired the organization of our church. I'm so thankful for those words of wisdom and you can believe I will continue to keep paying double on my fast offerings.