Okay, Okay Fine!

Okay Fine! I'll at least leave a new post! So many people have told me to update my blog and I just haven't made any time to do it. I mostly haven't because I wanted to add some new pics but don't really have any yet. Anyway...Levi and I moved to Fallon back on Valentine's Day. What a delightful Valentine's. But we are here now until we figure out what is next. Levi is going to try substitute teaching and maybe even be able to teach math. We are currently working for my cousin James doing some electrical work. We are both officially electricians as we have both been shocked and our hands are falling apart (not to mention the rest of our bodies). It's physically demanding and all I do now is sleep and work. We are doing a big project and when that is over we will be done being electricians. Thank goodness! Other than that, life is dandy and we are healthy, happy, and well. I do have some easter pics and will add those later. I'm just short on time now! Thanks for caring!