I don't want to be a slacker so....

So here's what you missed....Nancy at Thanksgiving....don't look to thrilled. I was just testing a lens so there was no reason to smile.

Dave waiting to catch the football....there has to be football at Thanksgiving.

Betsy pretending she's going to throw it at me.

Sarah about to rip her hair out over all this kerfuffle.

Serenity being exactly that...serene and adorable.

Stephen only wishes he could be that cool....ha ha! Just joking.

Tyler's awesome at catching...he's going to be a star!

Great form Ben....he's so fun.

? I don't even know.

John should have auditioned for the part of Uncle Rico.

Joshua looked less snotty when I was looking at the thumbprint of this pic. Oh well. Boys will be boys. Love them nephews!

And of course love the nieces too...especially ones whose beautiful blue eyes tear up in the cold.

And then, of course, we must have the innocent bystander to watch over everything.

While we all play a little football Thanksgiving day!

I was fortunate to be able to take some family photos. I loved the ones that caught what we're really like when we're all gathered. The one I wanted to show I will have to load later. It shows the funniest things.

I loved the colors of these beautiful family pics. What a cute family, huh.

But wait....who's this even cuter family?

Ume, being her adorable, well behave self Christmas morning.

The first feast ever to take place in my home of two years.

Luna, the newest addition to our family. What a fun Christmas surprise!

Levi really liked the coat I got him. I was worried.

Ryu always has to be in the middle of things and help unwrap the presents. This year he even went above and beyond and made sure to get the tags off as well.

The best Christmas blessing was having the joy of my parents with us this year. Thanks mom and dad! Love you!

And this was all the pre-Christmas candy cooking. What a glorious mess!


The Mom of these adorable kids said...

I recognize that front yard. Your family is awesome.

Susan said...

That's a really great picture of you and Levi!

Susan said...

And that's a cute picture of Serenity! Can you share it with me?

Elizabeth "Betsy" said...

Loved the pictures -although I looked pretty blimpish! Next time you see me I will be gorgeous! Joshua's poor nose. That thing has only had about a week break this season. Poor guy.